Monthly Market Review

Market Monitor - July 2023

by Christopher P Shea on Aug 8, 2023

Monthly Market Review
The markets were in a celebratory mood in July, as stock prices continued moving higher on reasonably good economic news and signs that inflation may be

Market Monitor - June 2023

by Christopher P Shea on Jul 17, 2023

Monthly Market Review
Equities cruised into the end of the quarter with healthy gains, all indexes showed positive returns, although the mega cap tech stocks still outpaced the rest

Market Monitor - May 2023

by Christopher P Shea on Jun 16, 2023

Monthly Market Review
Signs of life? The Fed blinked this month and inflation at least flat-lined in the latest CPI report, giving the bulls some reason to hope the worst is behind

Market Monitor - March 2023

by Christopher P Shea on Apr 3, 2023

Monthly Market Review
Someone once told me that you know you are getting old when you no longer recognize the country you grew up in. That’s probably true since things constantly
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